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Welcome! This website was created on 03 Jun 2004 and last updated on 07 Feb 2011. The family trees on this site contain 25458 relatives and 45 photos. If you have any questions or comments you may send a message to the Administrator of this site.
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About Howard & Related Families
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Thanks for dropping by,

I'm Retired from doing Genealogy work at this time. I hope you enjoy this site and find information here that you can add to your family tree. Happy Hunting!

Now a Short History of the Howard's,

The Howard's in this tree start in the early 1200's in England in the areas of Surrey and Northfolk. They were entrusted by the King's of England and given many areas of guardianship responsibility to the throne. To my knowledge, none were ever King, however, a couple of the daughters did marry a King, but then were put to death because they didn't produce a male offspring.      The journey to America started sometime in the early 1600's by their offsprings. It seams from research, the very likely hood that there were maybe 5 brothers named John, Henry, Thomas, Robert, and William and possibly even more that came to America, landing in and around the Chesapeake Bay Area of Maryland and Virginia.
      From this location they or their offspring's went North, South and West. It is likely that from this group some even ventured as far North as Canada. There were several different spellings of the last name, such as: Hayward, Heyward, Haward and etc. but from what is known they were all pronounced Howard. All Family researchers should make note of this, as most others, I too, have changed most of the spelling in my tree to the name Howard.

REFERENCE: see Francis Howard birth May 05, 1700. Notes: Francis Hayward was the first to take and spell his name HOWARD. (See William and Mary Quarterly, Historical Papers, Vol. II, p. 167) The article states:  "Col. Francis Howard...Justice, Burgess, etc. was the first to spell his name HOWARD, though that had been always the Pronunciation of HEYWARD, HAYWARD, HAWARD, etc." Apparently Francis Howard was a legislator and dispenser of justice as well as a man of considerable wealth for his time. The authority quoted above further stated that his estate was valued at 2,693 pounds, 18 shillings, 10 3/4 pence.

RESEARCH NOTE: When researching and or using information in this tree, you should take note of the following: First, those that have a birth date with just a Year listed. Example: b 1800. This is what I call a Twenty Year Rule Date. In other words, it may not be the exact birth year, however, if you're doing research, it will give you a radius of about 20 years before and 20 years after that date to look for. This will be true in about 90% plus of all cases. The things used in this rule consist of a combination of a Parents Birth Date, a Marriage Date, a Child Birth Date and other information for that family. So use Caution when applying just a birth year in your tree. The birth year date applied in this tree is for research only. Second, The Counties listed in this tree are mostly the modern day names of todays Counties. Third, SMN attached to a female surname in this tree is stating that the individual has the Same Maiden Name as their spouse.

YEARLY REUNION INVITATION: The Descendants of William G Howard and Sarah E McLaughlin have a reunion every year on the first Saturday in October at Heber Springs, Arkansas. The reunion takes place at the beautiful Greers Ferry Lake Dam Site Recreation Park Pavilion Site #2. Time is 9am to 4pm with a potluck style lunch. All related families and guests are invited. Host for this reunion are Bill and Wilma (Davis) Hoskins of Batesville, Arkansas. Bill also puts out a reunion letter a couple times a year. If you would like to get on the mailing list please email me your information.

                                 " WARNING!!! "

© copyright 1998-2009 Howard Genealogy by Willard D Howard, All rights reserved. Only direct descendants, libraries and genealogical societies may use this information. Any commercial use and/or selling of this information are strictly prohibited without prior written permission by Willard D Howard.

       *If copied, this copyright notice must appear with the information. 

Happy Hunting, Please Drop by anytime, 
 Willard (Will) Howard
 Howard Genealogy

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